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Our music studio is a collective of amazing people always being creative and making music

 Scan Music Records is a music studio and record label based in Amsterdam. Established in 2005 by Scandalated. Initially started  as demand for smaller recordings budgets. But now mostly approachable for everyone who is seeking for  a nice vibe studio. Here you can be creative and record professionally in one of the studio’s by choice. The label also  has a varity of artists signed in several genres.  


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Recording Studio

The studio's are fully equipped with high-quality equipment. The acoustic vocal booths are perfect for recordings. They fit vocalists and solo instrumentalists but there's also space to fit small music bands and choirs. Our engineers have a lot of expertise to participate in your musical ideas and performance. They work on mixing and mastering. And have knowledge of sound design in different genres and editting. We also offer the best price-quality ratio.

Record label

We have several artists signed to our independant label. We focus on working with creative, artistic individuals and collabing in new musical projects. We are supportive of talented people.
We often release new material. Check out our site to keep up to date.
Or contact us for more info.

Pool of Talent

Music is an universal language so it connects. That's why we often organise writercamps and listening sessions for those who are interested. During these sessions you can get support and network. We like working with skilled people. At the moment we have several disciplines in our domain. For instance; we also bring out short documentaries and offer website-building. Contact us for more info.


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Me and my musicians had an awesome time for the 3 days that we rented the studio. The enigeer came up with innovating ideas which helped us through our musical journey.The price for 3 days was really affordable. I would really recommend this studio.
Benicio G
Benicio G@angelovieze
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Ik ben nog niet zolang bezig in the rapgame. Dit is de eerste studio ruimte die ik heb gehuurd. Het is echt betaalbaar. Ik kreeg ook goede begeiding van de mensen in de studio. Nu heb ik ook meer 'know how' voor het schrijven van raps. Ze zijn erg betrokken als je daar vraag naar hebt. Ik kom zeker nog meer opnemen.
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Ik heb hier meerdere mixtapes opgenomen. Top studio!

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